Why does the driver prefer I pay with cash versus a credit card?

Actually the drivers have no preference; however they generally use cash fares to put fuel back into the car.

Why does it say “Driver is an independent contractor” on the cab?

Every driver leases his taxi. He/she competes with other drivers for fares available within the area they are located.Drivers must pass a criminal and DMV background check and are individually permitted by the City of Greenville.

Why doesn’t the cab company have vans to help when is really busy?

A van only works if the customers are going to the same general area. Over 75% of our Friday/Saturday night customers riders are couples. If a van picked up 6 couples, the last couple dropped off would most likely been riding for over an hour.

I was given a rate for a ride by the dispatcher and the actual charge was higher /lower. Why is that?

The dispatcher gives an estimate generated by the computer. If the ride begins in the county, the drop charge (initial charge) is $5.00 versus $2.00. The meter shows the fare for the actual route taken with the exception of to/from GSP which is a flat rate set by the city. All rates are set by the city.

I called for a cab and one just drove by me. Why didn't’ the driver stop?

Taxis are dispatched in the order received. More than likely that cab was going to another customer that called before you.